Brow and Forehead Lift

Brow and Forehead Lift

What is a brow or forehead lift procedure?

A brow lift (browplasty), also known as a forehead lift, procedure used to reduce wrinkles on the forehead and/or lift sagging eyebrows.

Forehead lifts are also used to correct forehead lines (horizontal or vertical) and wrinkles, including deep furrows or frown lines in between the eyebrows. These lines are undesirable for many because they may make some people appear as if they are always frowning or worried.

Not all brows need to be “lifted”, sometimes brow “shaping” is more important.

In the past, plastic surgery for the brows was all about “lifting” the brows. But for some people, depending on their unique facial structure this was not necessarily an improvement.

In modern plastic surgery, endoscopic brow lift techniques have decreased the downtime for the patient, as well as increased the frequency of brow lifts. Yet, but still they may fail to achieve their intended outcomes.

Everyone is different. And in plastic surgery, one size does not fit all. Depending on your own unique facial features, you may actually show an elevation in brow position as you age. Therefore, brow lifting may not be what you need, but rather brow shaping.

Shape and position of the tail of the brow is actually the height of the brow.

The shape of our brow changes as we age. This change is much more important than the height of the brow on the forehead.

We may also lose volume in key areas of the brow. This volume can be improved with natural filler such as your own body fat via Fat Transfer technique.

In summary, less invasive procedures aimed at improving the shape of the brow and restoring volume are a big improvement over the old technique of simply lifting the brows.

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