Eyelid Surgery (Blepharoplasty)

What is Eyelid Surgery?

Eyelid plastic surgery aesthetically modifies the eyelids and the facial area around the eyes. The procedure – also known as Blepharoplasty – is used to correct defects and disfigurations of the eyelids.

Because the eyelids are a dynamic structure, there are a myriad of considerations when deciding on a treatment plan for eyelid rejuvenation.

Depending on your facial structure, you may not actually need eyelid surgery, but something else.

Many patients don’t realize that their eyes don’t exist in a vacuum, so when they ask for “eyelid surgery” they may actually need something else.

For example, your surgeon can’t evaluate your upper eyelids without considering the position and shape of your brows as well. These elements are intrinsically linked.Without a comprehensive look at these two structures, inferior results may occur.

This is why sometimes eyelid surgery for Facial Feminization is done in conjunction with a brow or forehead lift and/or the fat transfer technique.

Volume restoration to the eyelids with Fat Transfer.

Traditionally, eyelid surgery was focused on removing excess fat or excess skin. As our depth of knowledge and surgical experience has increased, we now understand that in fact, the fat in our face atrophies as we age, and we do not have as much excess skin as we might think.

Therefore, volume restoration using fat transfer and other techniques has altered the way we approach eyelid surgery.

Nowadays, we restore volume first and then reposition the brows into their proper position. This allows for more accuracy in assessing the upper eyelids, and less invasive procedures are needed to give an improved and positive result.

Treatment for the lower eyelids is no different. As the cheek descends and loses volume, the lower eyelid may appear worn and tired. Just adjusting the eyelid would do little to resolve this. Therefore, without rejuvenating the cheek and the face to its youthful position, removing skin from the lower eyelids does little to improve or restore its natural contour and youthful shape.

In the past, surgeons would remove fat from the lower eyelids. However, in modern plastic surgery, we redistribute the fat so we don’t hollow out the eyes orbits.

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