Face Lift & Neck Lift

Face Lift & Neck Lift

Facial Surgery

Depending on your age at transition and desired aesthetic goals, you may want to consider either a face or neck lift procedure as part of your rejuvenation or transition surgery.

The Evolution of the Feminization Face Lift

As we age the face loses muscle tone and the effects of sun exposure take their toll. The natural ageing process causes a lack of definition, sagging skin and excess loss and displacement of facial fat and sagging skin.

Early face lift (Rhytidectomy) procedures of the 20th only treated the facial skin. The deeper structures of the face were ignored, which sometimes resulted in a “stretched skin” appearance – the old Hollywood cliché of the “tight faced” facelift.

Just simply tightening the skin was never a satisfactory long-term solution to facial rejuvenation and the results were often short lived.

Thankfully the face lift and neck lift have evolved!

In recent years, the most significant advance in face lift surgery occurred in France when plastic surgeons realized that the deeper layers of the face could be lifted back into a more youthful position. The underlying facial muscles of the neck, jowls and cheeks were literally “lifted” to create a more natural look that resulted in a younger looking version of the individual.

This singular event changed our approach of how we rejuvenate an aging face and how we change these underlying structures to be more feminine or masculine in appearance. The techniques to reposition these tissues require a high skill level, as well a keen aesthetic eye and in-depth knowledge of the underlying facial structures.

Craniofacial Surgeons were the first to extensively use these techniques for face lifts, with their highly developed understanding of facial proportion and anatomy. When repositioning the deeper structures of the face, thus the longevity of a face lift is greatly extended, patient.

Fat Transfer (Grafting) and your Face Lift

Fat Grafting (Fat Transfer) is a relatively new, yet very popular technique, that is very complementary to a face lift. Fat grafting has allowed surgeons to achieve results that are otherwise not possible. Because your own fat is used to re-volumize parts of the face, you get a more natural-looking and longer-lasting result.

Why may I also need a neck lift along with my face lift?

It is a common practice to perform a neck lift at the same time as a face lift, however these two procedures may also be performed separately. However, doing both of these procedures together increases positive results and ensures harmony in the transition of your facial features.

Also, please note that a full surgical neck lift may not at all be necessary. Upon your initial consultation, we will also outline non-surgical options such as Botox® Cosmetic injection.

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