Fat Transfer (Fat Grafting)

What is fat transfer (fat grafting)?

A fairly recent advance in facial rejuvenation surgery is Fat Transfer – also known as Fat Grafting or Fat Injection. The process involves literally harvesting your body’s own fat and using it to restore facial.

Fat transfer is a perfect powerful technique to increase facial volume in order to regain a more youthful appearance. Fat transfer is also recommended for use in lip augmentation and rejuvenation.

The fat transfer process is quite a simple one: it involves actually harvesting fat from one part of your body (usually the hips or thighs) and transferring it into another – usually the face. Fat transfer is ideal for increasing volume in the mid-face, lips, chin and cheeks.

What are the benefits of fat transfer (fat grafting) over other fillers?

In the past, facial fillers have been comprised of materials grown and harvested in labs. These “artificial” fillers are not as effective in the long run because they are often re-absorbed by the body necessitating more repeat injections.

Artificial fillers are also more expensive, they usually require frequent treatments, and often don’t feel natural to the touch. Some of them can also be seen through the skin.

However, with fat grafting you are literally “harvesting” your own fat and using it to restore facial volume. Using your own fat to increase volume has several benefits over artificial fillers:

  • Lasts longer – less repeat treatments
  • Results feel more natural
  • Your own fat is invisible underneath your skin
  • Improvement in overall skin quality & thickness
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Performed under sedation or general anaesthetic
  • Day procedure usually with no hospital stay

Stem cells make fat grafting the ideal facial filler

Recent scientific studies into the powerful effects of stem cells on human skin have lead to evidence that your own fat is the ideal filler material.

Stem cells (the type that improve circulation and skin elasticity) are most abundant in fat cells. These cells are transferred during fat grafting in great quantities, and most often significant improvements in skin quality are attributed to these stem cells. Currently, this is the only FDA-approved use of transferring stem cells for plastic surgery reasons.

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