Feminizing Chin Recontouring (Genioplasty/Mentoplasty)

Feminizing Chin Recontouring (Genioplasty/Mentoplasty)

What is Feminizing Chin Recontouring (Genioplasty)?

Men tend to have longer and squarer chins with a flat base. Women’s chins tend to be more rounded and softer in appearance.

Feminizing chin re-contouring (genioplasty or mentoplasty) involves altering the size and shape of the chin, either by reducing, reshaping, or augmenting. Usually the larger male chin is reduced in all dimensions to that of a female chin.

What are the benefits of a Feminizing Genioplasty?

A Feminizing Genioplasty alters a large male chin, bringing it down to the smaller proportions of a female chin. Also asymmetries are generally eliminated to increase symmetry and overall aesthetically feminine appearance.

How is a Genioplasty surgery performed? Are implants used?

Feminizing Genioplasty is performed under general anesthesia with incisions made inside the mouth, leaving no external or visible scarring.

Chin implants are not used in this type of operation other than small screws to hold the bones in their proper position. Chin implants and minor burring procedures do not produce the size and shape of chin that is needed to properly feminize a chin.

In addition chin implants often need to be removed for a number of reasons over time which may lead to difficulties in correcting chin deformities.