Forehead Contouring Surgery

Forehead Contouring Surgery

(Also known as Forehead Reconstruction & Brow Ridge Recontouring)

The forehead is an important facial feature for gender identification. Men tend to have a visible horizontal ridge of bone just above eyebrow level called the brow ridge or glabellar bossing. Women tend to have foreheads that are flatter and smoother.

How does Forehead Contouring help with Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS)?

Forehead Contouring is one of the most important surgical procedures included in Facial Feminization Surgery (FFS) and often results in a significant, yet natural-looking change of appearance. It alters the shape or size of the forehead and is performed most commonly to change the look of a male forehead to be more female in appearance.

Dr. Ousterhout invented the operations we now perform to feminize and contour a forehead. These operations are not performed anywhere else in the same manner that we perform them here in San Francisco. Meticulous planning is performed to establish the correct shape of the forehead.

The Benefits of Forehead Contouring

The benefits of Forehead Contouring are that forehead prominence can be increased or decreased, impressions can be filled and asymmetries improved. Forehead Contouring may also be undertaken at the same time as other procedures such as:

  • Forehead Reduction (Hairline Lowering or Scalp Advancement)
  • Brow Lift (Browplasty).

How is Forehead Contouring surgery performed?

Forehead contouring is performed under general anesthesia, and incisions are made on the scalp or within the hairline to reduce the visibility of scarring.