Forehead Lengthening & Augmentation

Forehead Lengthening & Augmentation

Enhancing the forehead with masculinization surgery

  • Forehead Lengthening: lengthening the height of the forehead
  • Forehead Augmentation: enlarging the forehead

What is Forehead Lengthening Surgery?

Forehead Lengthening is a surgical procedure used to lengthen the forehead from the eyebrows to the hairline.

Female foreheads are usually shorter in height so to make the face appear more male, Forehead Lengthening surgery works to increase the distance between the brows and the hairline, creating a more masculine appearance.

How is Forehead Lengthening performed?

Forehead Lengthening is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made within the hairline, leaving no obvious or visible scarring.

What is Forehead Augmentation?

Forehead Augmentation is a surgical procedure that enlarges the forehead to more masculine proportions.

Forehead Augmentation surgery benefits those who wish to change a small, somewhat feminine forehead to a more angular, larger masculine forehead.

How is Forehead Augmentation performed?

Forehead Augmentation is performed under general anesthesia using a prosthetic material (methyl methacrylate) to complete the appropriate augmentation. Incisions are made within the hairline, leaving no visible or obvious scarring.