Jaw Contouring (Jaw Reshaping or Tapering)

Jaw Contouring (Jaw Reshaping or Tapering)

What is Jaw Contouring or Reshaping and how does it Feminize the Face?

The shape of the male jaw is usually wider and taller than the female jaw. The male jaw also usually has a sharp back “corner” towards the ear that is very masculine in appearance.

To make the jaw appear more feminine Jaw Contouring (also known as Jaw Tapering or Jaw Reduction) is used to modify the jaw. The back “corner” of the male jaw can also be reshaped to be rounder and smoother using a procedure called “mandibular angle reduction”.

Bone can also be shaved off along the lower edge of the jaw to and the chewing muscles can also be reduced to make the jaw appear narrower.

What are the benefits of a Jaw Contouring?

Jaw Contouring benefits the face by narrowing and refining angles, helping to improve the proportion of facial features and to lessen the width of the face, making it more feminine in appearance.

Patients with asymmetrical or lopsided faces and those seeking to feminize their face receive maximum benefits from this procedure.

How is Jaw Contouring performed?

Jaw Contouring surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made inside of the mouth with no outside skin incisions, leaving no visible scars.