Jaw Contouring (Jaw Reshaping)

Jaw Contouring (Jaw Reshaping)

What is Jaw Contouring and how does it Masculinize the Face?

Most often the shape of the female jaw is narrower than the male jaw. The female jaw also usually lacks the highly defined and sharply angled back “corner” of the male jaw.

To make the jaw appear more masculine Jaw Contouring (also known as Jaw Reshaping) is used. This procedure increases the width of the mandible and the prominence of the angle. It also masculinizes the definition between the lower face and the neck by enlarging the margins of the jaw.

What are the benefits of Jaw Contouring?

Jaw Contouring benefits the face by defining masculine facial angles, masculinizing proportions and increasing the width of the face, making it more masculine in appearance. Asymmetrical features may also be made more symmetrical and brought in balance with the facial features.

How is Jaw Contouring surgery performed?

Jaw Contouring surgery is performed under general anesthesia. The incision is made inside of the mouth with no outside skin incisions, leaving no visible scars.

Depending on your desired goals, for masculinization of the jaw, this is one of the few instances where bone grafting, or using fat are not very good options, and we use implants inserted into the jaw.