Rhinoplasty (Nose Job/Nasal Augmentation)

Rhinoplasty (Nose Job/Nasal Augmentation)

What is Masculinizing Nasal Rhinoplasty?

Male noses tend towards being larger and wider than women’s noses. Within the context of FTM Facial Masculinization surgery, Rhinoplasty or Nasal Augmentation increases the projection and, if desired, the width of the nose to make it appear more masculine in appearance.

What are the benefits of Nasal Augmentation?

Nasal Augmentation benefits those who wish to have a larger or wider nose. Possible benefits may include filling in areas of deficiency, increasing the prominence of the bridge, altering the dorsal profile, and also improving appearance due to congenital structural defects.

The Artistry of Masculinizing Nasal Rhinoplasty

Often Rhinoplasty is one of the most challenging procedures to undertake successfully to ensure a successful result. Your plastic surgeon needs to have not only excellence in surgical skills, but also an artistic “eye” to be able to visualize the final result to ensure that the newly augmented nose is in balance with other existing features such as cheekbones, brow and mouth.

How is a Rhinoplasty procedure performed?

A Rhinoplasty must be performed under general anesthesia utilizing the patient’s own cartilage and/or bone grafts so that the desired augmentation is achieved. Depending on patient’s needs, the location of incisions will vary but leaving little to no visible